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Four reasons why you should hire a professional joiner

Okay, we may have some bias on this one. For smaller jobs (or if you have the experience, space and equipment) DIY might be a viable route to take. Based on our experience and feedback from our customers we’re going to quickly cover the four top considerations for hiring a professional joiner or carpenter:

  • Clear budget and cost efficiency

  • Creative input and get exactly what you want

  • Professional and quality work (that will last)

  • Save your precious time

Clear budget and cost efficiency

When you’re using a professional, you’ll get a clear quote and know what the price is going to be. If you’re doing a job yourself problems might crop up, as they often do, where this happens costs could go up or you might compromise the quality of the job. When you’re carrying out a project it’s not just the material costs, you also need to consider the cost for tools too.

Creative input, whilst getting exactly what you want

Sometimes you won’t exactly know what you want, or what’s possible for a certain space. That’s where a processional joiner or carpenter can really help. We do this day in and day out for a range of clients, we can help you get the most out of your vision. With bespoke joinery you get exactly what you want – all unique to your specifications.

Professional and quality work (that will last)

Wood is a fantastic material, by using a professional you know that you’ll get quality material and you’ll benefit from the years of experience that a joiner has. An investment in a piece of bespoke furniture should also be considered as investment in your home (or business), quality work can add value, but also help when it comes to selling a house.

Save your precious time

Your time is precious. Ask yourself, would your time be better spent doing something else? We’ve helped people after they’ve started projects. Often we have to start again which can add unnecessary cost. When you hire a professional you have a clear start and finish point. Whilst we’ll do the work quicker than you’d be able to, good work can take time. You can have that time back to do whatever you want – whilst we get everything sorted for you.

Technically a fifth point, but as an added bonus when you use a professional, we’ll clean up. You just leave us too it and when we’re done you’re just left with a fantastic piece of bespoke furniture.

Wood remains is a top choice of material for furniture and fittings, whether it’s in the home or the office. From walk-in wardrobes, cabinets, TV units, tables, chairs to shelfing, we’re here to help you with your project.

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